Working Policy — Know About Our New Working Policy

Working Policy

Working Policy is made in this July of 2021 and applicable for templates after this month. This Working policy tells you that what you will get from us after getting it and it also help you to find whatever you want from us.


Customisation Policy is nothing but a simple working process after getting problem in purchased template or for modification purposes. People want to make some small modification in their templates and want to make it looks different from other using same templates. This policy come with all templates before and after of July of 2021.


When you are purchasing a template then you have to know about the period of the application for modification or any other problems tickets. These applications dates are valid for varius licence. It means you can submit your problem and modifications request in 3 months of the purchase. After that period the request will be cancelled automatically.


Themes updates are mandatory to make it vary simple and easy and working policy takes this process easier to be understood. All your templates are updated time to time by our developers. This updates are basically make to develop Template Performance, Template SEO Checking, Template Code Minifying, Template Bugs Fixing.

Previous Version

We supply our old templates versions to our extended license clients. If you purchase the extended license, then you will get all the major versions of a template.

End Product Reselling

End product is a term that specially used for development, freelancers can take our template basic structure and modify it as for their clients and resell there end product to their clients. If you are purchasing a extended license template then you can make end product of it by modification and then resell it.

Free Licencing

We serve free template as with paid template and for that reason, we are making this new policy where you are clearly told that what kind of features you will got for this free license. So basically you will get just the installations support after getting a free templates license. The free license is not a official license so we are not offering so much features in this. To get full support you can read our theme license policy.